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Pharmaceutical Drugs and Medicines

We are counted as one of the leading online pharmaceutical companies, engaged in the sphere of offering trading services to online pharmacies all over the world. Apart from these, we also manufacture Generics and various Pharma Products on special orders from pharmaceutical companies. We can customize these medicines as per the specifications, detailed by our clients to suit their requirements. We offer:
Erectile Dysfunction in Men

We offer the drugs for Erectile Dysfunction in Men in the form of tablets and jellies. Some of them are Forzest, Cialis 10mg, Eriactalis. They are made using mostly the product drug Cialis, whose medicinal name is Tadalafil. These drugs are medically approved both nationally and internationally. We make them with utmost care and through scientific methodology. They are prescription drugs and should be taken as instructed.

Viagra Generic for Womens

Our Viagra generic for women is available in the form of tablets and jellies. They are used to treat a number of issues like sexual dysfunction and low lubrication. They are made using the drug Sildenafil 20mg, which is approved internationally. Some of the products are made in the USA. The instructions should be strictly followed when taking the medicines. We offer them at a competitive price.

Erectile Dysfunction in Men Cialis Generics

We offer drugs like Veekend, Megalis, Tadaga 2.5 mg etc for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in Men Cialis Generics. They are made using the Cialis brand name, which is actually Tadalafil 20mg. They are clinically approved by the FDA and internationally. They are mostly available in blister packs of four pills. They are to be regularly taken for maximum results. We make them in a scientific manner using good quality raw materials.

Erectile Dysfunction in Men Viagra Generics

We offer products like Priligy, Silagra, Super Kamagra etc. They are available mostly as tablets and some are available in the form of flavoured jellies like orange, lemon, strawberry etc. They are mostly made using drugs like Sildenafil, Dapoxetine 60 mg etc. These drugs are approved internationally and are prescription drugs. Their courses need to be completed before observing the results. They have minimal side effects as they are made in a scientific manner.

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Our New Products

Our new products are a wide variety, which are available in the form of jellies and creams. They are mostly used to treat erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and as breast massage creams. We make them using different drugs like Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Lidocaine etc. These are approved drugs and the products are made using hygienic techniques. They are well appreciated by customers and are available at a competitive price.

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Erectile Dysfunction with Premature Ejaculation

We offer a variety of drugs for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction with Premature Ejaculation. Some of them are Super P-force, Super Zhewitra, Malegra DXT, and Super Tadarise. They are made using Sildenafil and varying combinations of Duloxetine and Fluoxetine and Tadalafil. They are available in blister packs of 10 pills and the course should be completed for maximum results. They are made using drugs approved by the medical association and in a hygienic manner. We offer them at a competitive price.


We offer the Durex condoms in a wide variety. They are available in different varieties like flavoured, dotted, Real Feel, Jeans condoms etc. They are made using hygienic technology and good quality latex. They are quality tested before dispatching. They are made in a way to satisfy both partners and make love making passionate. They are available in packs of 3. We deliver them within 48 hours of receiving payment.

Treatment of Premature Ejaculation

We offer Proxet 60, Prejac 60 and Poxitin 60 for the treatment of prematured ejaculation. It uses the drug Dapoxetine in 60 mg proportion, which is generic of Priligy. It is a prescription drug and is recognized internationally in countries like USA, France, and Sweden etc. They are offered in blister packs of 10 pills and the course needs to be completed to observe results. We make them using good quality materials and they are well appreciated by our customers.

Levitra Generics

We offer two products under Levitra Generics- Lovevitra and Zhewitra and are available in 20mg and 40mg respectively. They are used mostly for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. They are available in blister packs of 10 pills. The course needs to be completed to see the maximum possible results. They are made very scientifically and using good quality materials. They are available at industrially competitive prices.

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